The following analysis is based on “Tax-Smart Portfolio Valuation and Performance Measurement,” Andrew Kalotay’s forthcoming article in the Journal of Portfolio Management, and Kalotay’s “Tax-Efficient Trading of Municipal Bonds,” from the Financial Analysts Journal. Say you have a portfolio composed of two tax-exempt municipal bonds. How do you determine its value? Par Amount Coupon
0 Comments Fires and floods and earthquakes and landslides show how unpredictable Mother Nature can be. Recent natural disasters have caused real estate investors to stop and think about what protections they have in place for their properties. This includes insurance, of course, but it’s about much more than that. What is disaster insurance? Disaster insurance,
0 Comments As traders, we know that the markets are subject to seasonal influences. The end of the year is no exception. Typically, as we come into the holidays, the market looks to the sky for the “Santa Clause Rally.” What is the Santa Claus Rally? The term Santa Claus Rally was coined in the early
0 Comments In October, 150 people stood in the rain to celebrate the groundbreaking of an innovative elder housing project on rural Key Peninsula in western Washington state. For the first time, older people who are no longer able to live at home there can still remain in their community. The nonprofit Mustard Seed Project is building three Green
0 Comments © Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A logo of Macau junket operator Suncity Group is seen at a gaming fair in Macau, China November 18, 2015. REUTERS/Bobby Yip/File Photo HONG KONG (Reuters) -Shares in Macau’s Suncity Group Holdings Ltd tumbled in resumed trade on Thursday after gaming rooms linked to the group were shut following the
0 Comments×576.png The discount paper brokerage says it reached profitability in the third quarter and is on track to sell more than 6,000 homes this year. Flat-fee real estate referral service Clever Real Estate has raised $8 million in a Series B round, bringing its total funding raised to $13.5 million, the brokerage announced Wednesday. Founded
0 Comments Section 8 is a maelstrom rotating ominously at the intersection of economics and politics. Let’s just bring up the elephant in the room: Section 8 is one of the most divisive topics in the real estate industry. Some people despise Section 8 on philosophical or political grounds. Some people love Section 8 and believe
0 Comments×2603+0+519/resize/1200×630!/quality/90/? No place has played a more central role in the creation of residential segregation than Los Angeles. With its fast-growing subdivisions and enormous real estate industry, the city shaped the divided neighborhoods and political arguments that drive America today. The reason has much to do with California. Residential segregation is not natural, normal or
0 Comments Bank of America’s strategist says that the metaverse is a massive opportunity where cryptocurrencies will be widely used as currencies. “I definitely believe this is a massive, massive opportunity,” he said. Bank of America’s Metaverse Prediction Bank of America’s strategist, Haim Israel, told the Insider Tuesday that the metaverse is a massive opportunity for
[og_img] Starting today, Biconomy (BICO) is available on and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can now trade, send, receive, or store BICO in most Coinbase-supported regions, with certain exceptions indicated in each asset page here. Trading for these assets is also supported on Coinbase Pro. Biconomy (BICO) is an Ethereum token
0 Comments CertiK today announced the completion of an $80 million Series B2 financing round. This investment is led by Sequoia, with participation from existing investors including Tiger Global, Coatue Management, and GL Ventures (Hillhouse Capital’s VC arm). This not only sets the bar for the largest single round of fundraising in the blockchain security space
0 Comments The below is from a recent edition of the Deep Dive, Bitcoin Magazine’s premium markets newsletter. To be among the first to receive these insights and other on-chain bitcoin market analysis straight to your inbox, subscribe now. In the Daily Dive #102, we highlighted the rising DXY (U.S. Dollar Currency Index) in 2021 and
0 Comments A blockchain project 4JNET gained huge attention long before the launch is broadcast live. 4JNET which is referred to as the “Pinnacle of Fairness” in today’s DeFi industry has opened door to the crypto community by introducing its first offering, the 4JNET DEX. It accompanies the fair launch of the project’s native 4JNET tokens
0 Comments I have an old (2014) paper wallet I’ve deposited coins into over the years. I have another paper wallet that was generated around the same time, but wasn’t used until last year. I just finished syncing Bitcoin Core and imported the keys from the paper wallet, first the older key without rescan, then the
0 Comments Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp El Salvador’s President Bukele cannot still get his head around the fact that the U.S. treasury keeps printing more money despite the ballooning inflation. Commenting on the FED’s Jerome Powell’s defense of his “transitory inflation claims” in a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Tuesday, the pro-crypto president expressed his
0 Comments The introduction of a new COVID variant that is already confirmed in over 20 countries has seen border closures and travel bans thrown into place as governments race to try and contain and protect. In China, where the border has been closed essentially since the beginning of the pandemic last year, life is going
0 Comments Special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have surpassed traditional initial public offerings (IPOs) in volume this year and some have hailed them as a new asset class that all investors should consider adding to their portfolios. For what purpose? Supposedly they generate superior returns and may also offer diversification benefits relative to other forms of equity.
0 Comments Investments galore! This week, we talk to Jeana and Scott, a couple with a hefty amount of investments under their belt. We know what you’re thinking, “what type of stocks and real estate are they investing in?” This is where you might be surprised. Jeana and Scott are investing in three gyms, a gas
0 Comments I think buying gifts for college students and recent graduates is one of the toughest things to do. They are old enough where kids gifts don’t work, but most don’t need adult gifts. It’s a weird time where getting a gift can also be especially helpful – giving them that item that they might
0 Comments Day trading is the buying and selling of securities within the same day and often at multiple points throughout the day. As a day trader, you rely on indicators and real-time information for quick decision making – when to enter (or buy) and exit (or sell).  But how do you choose the right day
0 Comments Major League Baseball team owners and the players’ union ended talks Wednesday without striking a new collective bargaining agreement, setting the stage for the sport’s first work stoppage since the strike that resulted in the cancellation of the 1994 World Series.  The current deal is set to expire at 11:59 p.m. ET, at which
0 Comments © Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Surveillance cameras are seen near a real estate project under construction in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China November 8, 2021. REUTERS/David Kirton SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Three Chinese developers, including the main operation platforms of Country Garden Holdings Co and Longfor Group Holdings Ltd, plan to sell bonds in China to raise
0 Comments A distribution phase, as taught through Mish’s book Plant Your Money Tree, is when the price of a symbol is trading underneath the 50- and 200-day moving averages while the 50-DMA is trading above the 200-DMA. This can be seen in the above chart of the Russell 2000 (IWM) and the Dow Jones (DIA).
0 Comments×576.jpg Now that 2021 is winding down, it’s time to revisit some of the most important things we learned this year. (And there were certainly a lot!) Here, I’ve narrowed it down to 12 main takeaways from columns I penned in over the past 11 months, including surprising statistics, innovative marketing strategies, pithy comments from